Marxism 2017

Theme: 100 years on – celebrating the Russian Revolution


  • Booklaunch: Russia 1917: Workers Revolution and the Festival of the Oppressed with Dave Sherry, Fri 7 July, 2.30pm
  • The Russian Revolution and the lessons of October with Alex Callinicos, Sun 9 July, 11.45am
  • State and Revolution with Amy Leather, Fri 7 July, 10am
  • Booklaunch: 1917: Russia’s Red Year - A graphic novel with Tim Sanders & John Newsinger, Sat 8 July, 11.45am
  • Alexandra Kollontai, the Russian Revolution and the fight for sexual liberation with Emma Davis, Sat 8 July, 7pm
  • The Russian revolution and the colonial world with Ken Olende, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Booklaunch: Lenin for Today with John Molyneux, Sat 8 July, 10am
  • Did Lenin lead to Stalin? with Paddy Nielsen, Fri 7 July, 7pm
  • Was the Soviet Union socialist? with Tom Kay, Sun 9 July, 10am
  • From Stalin to Putin: Russia today with Tomáš Tengely Evans, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Art and the Russian Revolution with Roger Huddle & Hugh Tisdale, Sat 8 July, 4.15pm
  • The lost revolution: Germany 1918-23 with Michael Bradley, Sun 9 July, 10am
  • Marxism, religion and the Russian Revolution with Anna Gluckstein, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm
  • The music of the Russian Revolution with Sabby Sagall, Fri 7 July, 10am