Marxism 2017

Theme: Challenging oppression


  • Can intersectionality and privilege theory help in the fight against oppression? with Sally Campbell, Fri 7 July, 11.45am
  • What is cultural appropriation? with Esme Choonara, Fri 7 July, 4.15pm
  • Do British people benefit from the oppression of the global south? with Moyra Samuels, Fri 7 July, 7pm
  • Imperialism and revolution: who was Frantz Fanon? with Gary McFarlane, Thu 6 July, 2.30pm
  • Marxism and mental health with Beth Greenhill, Fri 7 July, 11.45am

Fighting for women’s liberation

  • Where does women’s oppression come from? with Celia Hutchison, Fri 7 July, 2.30pm
  • Women’s oppression, the industrial revolution and the making of the modern family with Jan Nielsen, Fri 7 July, 4.15pm
  • From intersectional feminism to the women’s marches: Is there a new movement? with Judith Orr, Fri 7 July, 7pm
  • Panel meeting: Islamophobia and Women with Maz Saleem, Saba Shiraz & Naima Omar, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Fighting for Abortion Rights in the era of Trump with Ellisiv Rognlien, Judith Orr & Brid Smith, Sat 8 July, 4.15pm
  • Alexandra Kollontai, the Russian revolution and the fight for sexual liberation with Emma Davis, Sat 8 July, 7pm

LGBT+ liberation

  • Booklaunch: Over the Rainbow: LGBT+ liberation in the 21st Century with Nicola Field, Sun 9 July, 11.45am
  • Going beyond the binary: Marxism, gender and trans politics with Sue Caldwell, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Trans resistance then and now with Laura Miles, Pat Clinton & Sami Hillyer, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm

Disability and resistance

  • Panel meeting: Disability and resistance after the election with Linda Burnip, Roger Lewis & others, Sat 8 July, 11.45am
  • How can disabled people win liberation? with Roddy Slorach, Sat 8 July, 7pm