Marxism 2017

Theme: Class, struggle and the trade unions today


  • Who are the middle class? with Joseph Choonara, Fri 7 July, 10am
  • Has the working class lost its power? with Julie Sherry, Fri 7 July, 2.30pm
  • Is a robot after your job? with Martin Upchurch, Sat 8 July, 10am
  • Precarity: minority condition or majority experience? with Kevin Doogan, Sat 8 July, 11.45am
  • Panel meeting: From the junior doctors to Deliveroo: winning a new generation of trade unionists, Fri 7 July, 7pm
  • After the Tory Trade Union Act: how can we get the action we need? with Mark L Thomas, Sun 9 July, 11.45am
  • Building fighting unions with Ian Hodson & Julie Sherry, Durham teaching assistant & others, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm
  • Decline and resilience: workplace organisation since the 1980s, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Panel meeting: Fighting for migrants rights after Brexit? Sat 8 July, 7pm
  • Why is there a lack of working class representation in cinema? with Deirdre O’Neill & Mike Wayne, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Panel Meeting: Trade unionists, Corbyn and the Labour Party with Jo McNeill, Jane Aitchison & Riccardo La Torre, Sat 8 July, 4.15pm