Marxism 2017

Theme: Globalise the resistance - struggle and politics from across the world


  • The tragedy of Syriza with Panos Garganos, Sun 9 July, 11.45am
  • Turkey, the Kurds and Syria with Ron Margulies, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Egypt today with Wassim Wagdy, Sun 9 July, 3.45m
  • The partition of India 70 years on with Talat Ahmed, Fri 7 July, 10am
  • Syria: revolution and counter revolution with Ghayath Naisse, Sat 8 July, 10am
  • Podemos and struggle in the Spanish state with Hector Puente, Marta Castillo Segura & David Karvala, Sat 8 July, 11.45am
  • Panel meeting: The political crisis in Europe, with Maria Styllou, Richard Boyd Barrett, Christine Buchholz & Denis Godard, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Where is Venezuela going? with Andy Brown, Sun 9 July, 10am
  • From Stalin to Putin: Russia today with Tomáš Tengely-Evans, Sun 9 July, 2pm