Marxism 2017

Special Meetings


  • Spycops: undercover police serveillance of activists with Dave Smith, Brian Richardson & others, Thu 6 July, 4.15pm


  • Panel MeetingSelf Defence is no offence: from the Bradford 12 to the Rotherham 12 with Michael Mansfield, Tariq Mehmood, Abrar Javid & Rotherham 12 Speaker, Fri 7 July, 7pm


  • Economic Crisis and the Long Depression with Michael Roberts, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Panel meeting: Islamophobia and Women with Maz Saleem, Saba Shiraz & Naima Omar, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Hillsborough, Orgreave and state cover ups with Sheila Coleman, Mark George & Barbara Jackson, Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Panel meeting: How can we fight for our NHS? with Niki Fitzgerald, Youssef El-Gingihy & Karen Reissmann Sat 8 July, 2.30pm
  • Facing the Anthropocene: fossil capitalism and the crisis of the earth system with Ian Angus, Sat 8 July, 4.15pm
  • Speaking out for Palestine: BDS and the right to criticise Israel with Samia Botmeh, Jonathan Rosenhead & others. Facilitated by Tom Hickey, Sat 8 July, 4.15am
  • Panel Meeting: Trade unionists, Corbyn and the Labour Party with Jo McNeill, Jane Aitchison & Riccardo La Torre, Sat 8 July, 4.15pm
  • Funk and Black Power: meeting and music with Yuri Prasad & Liz Wheatley, Sat 8 July, 7pm
  • Zionism, antisemitism and the left today with John Rose, Brian Klug & Rob Ferguson, Sat 8 July, 7pm


  • Panel meeting: Another school is possible: the fight to defend education with Alan Gibbons, Alex Kenny & Sara Tomlinson, Sun 9 July, 10am
  • Booklaunch: Over the Rainbow: LGBT+ liberation in the 21st Century with Nicola Field, Sun 9 July, 11.45am
  • Panel MeetingChallenging Prevent and Islamophobia With Moazzam Begg, Siema Iqbalm Azad Ali & Ameen Hadi, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Panel meeting: The political crisis in Europe, with Maria Styllou, Richard Boyd Barrett, Christine Buchholz & Denis Godard, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Panel meeting: After Grenfell: housing for people not profit with Eileen Short, Tanya Murat, Moyra Samuals & others, Sun 9 July, 2pm
  • Fighting the far right and fascists across Europe with Christine Buccholz, Petros Constantinou, Weyman Bennett & Vanina Giudicelli, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm
  • Building fighting unions with Ian Hodson & Julie Sherry, Durham teaching assistant & others, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm