Marxism 2017


Where will Marxism Festival take place?

Meetings at Marxism Festival 2017 will take place across various venues in the heart of central London. 


Tickets booked in advance are cheaper. Your ticket will be sent out to you in June 2017.

Possession of any Marxism ticket does not guarantee you entry to any particular event or meeting due to the capacity of rooms. To ensure admission to popular meetings, please get to the rooms as early as possible. Due to the strict fire regulations we are unable to overfill rooms.


We provide a free crèche with a range of activities available for children of different ages up to 11 years. The crèche is open during meetings.

This should be booked in advance. 


We can generally arrange free accommodation in London during the event. This is usually "crash pad" type of accommodation on floors and in community centres. 

Please note that although we try our best to provide free accommodation to all who need it this is NOT guaranteed and we would encourage those who can to make their own arrangements

Transport and food

Most areas of the country will organise transport to Marxism and food for people during the event. 

Bookmarks Bookshop

During Marxism 2017 there will be a whole range of stalls from different campaigns and a massive bookshop supplied by Bookmarks. You can visit them online at


If you would like to book a stall for your campaign or organisation please email A charge will be made for stalls.

Disabled Access

We make every effort to ensure that Marxism is accessible for disabled people. If you have any questions please call us on 020 7840 5620. We may require some additional information to meet the venue's evacuation requirements.