Marxism 2017

Theme: War, imperialism, the Middle East and Palestine


  • Speaking out for Palestine: BDS and the right to criticise Israel with Samia Botmeh, Jonathan Rosenhead & others. Facilitated by Tom Hickey, Sat 8 July, 4.15am
  • Syria: revolution and counter revolution with Ghayath Naisse, Sat 8 July, 10am
  • The Marxist theory of imperialism: what is the driving force behind war? with Chris Newlove, Fri 7 July, 10am
  • China and Imperialism today with Adrian Budd, Thu 6 July, 12.30pm
  • Isis, imperialism and the Middle East with Simon Assaf, Thu 6 July, 4.15pm
  • Imperialism and capitalism in Africa with Maxine Bowler, Fri 7 July, 11.45am
  • Imperialism and resistance in the Middle East today with Anne Alexander & Jad Bouharoun, Fri 7 July, 4.15pm
  • What is Islamism? with Phil Marfleet, Sun 9 July, 10am
  • A Bloody history of the British empire with Simon Hester, Sun 9 July, 3.45pm
  • Zionism, antisemitism and the left today with John Rose, Brian Klug & Rob Ferguson, Sat 8 July, 7pm